The Wonder From Wales

The year 1999 kicked off a British invasion. Linsey Dawn McKenzie had established the beachhead in 1996, and Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie and Jessica Turner became the wave. Chaz joined them not much later. There were other Brits, but they would only model for a year or so and drop out. Lorna’s staying power has endured to this day. Lorna’s style has always been big-boob glamour. No toys. No boys. Some girl action but very mild. And that’s the way her fans like her. She is the one constant in a world that keeps changing. I’ve always enjoyed her optimism and positive outlook. That never changes. Yet I was surprised when she modeled pregnant (in London). I didn’t think she would. Over the years, Lorna joined many group shoots: On Location Portugal, Bouncing Boobs in London, Boob Cruise 2000, On Location Key Largo and this shoot from Big Boob Paradise in Eleuthera, the Bahamas where she spent a week with Christy Marks, Terry Nova, Gianna Rossi and a girl who worships her, Angela White. Every model in SCORE magazine has to start somewhere, and for Lorna, it was as an actress and agent. She never thought she would spend much of her time modeling naked on sunny beaches. “I was acting in television, and I did some acting work and did some actual parts,” Lorna said. “I did some theater, and I started an agency for actors and actresses. I suppose the whole modeling thing wasn’t something that entered my head because I’m little, I don’t have long legs. I didn’t think I’d be a model, and it was other people who said, ‘You should model those boobs. You should take those boobs and set them free!’ They said, ‘You have to take some shots of yourself with your top off, girl,’ so I said, ‘Okay, I’ll do that,’ and I asked my friend to take some. That’s how I started modeling.” Listening to Lorna, I realized that there’s always hope when a girl with the right boobs and body comes along but is unsure about what she wants to do. The world is a very different place now because of social media on the Internet. I almost never see anyone as beautiful and as stacked as Lorna. But if there’s ever another British invasion, I just hope it brings models as great as Lorna.