Poolside Pulchritude

Where do I begin with Ashley Sage Ellison, one of the most-popular and most-controversial models in the history of SCORE magazine? Popular because, in the great tradition of British super-stacked naturals, Ashley Sage is a beautiful, blonde J-cupper whose tits are god-given. Controversial because when she won SCORE Newcomer of the Year, reaction to her victory was extremely polarized. The guys who voted for her–and, obviously, there were a lot of them–were head-over-heels in love with this beautician from Manchester, England. “Innocent and absolutely beautiful,” one fan wrote. “She is the most-beautiful and sexiest woman in the world.” And so on and so on. Nobody denied Ashley’s facial and chestal beauty. What some SCORE Men objected to was…well, they didn’t think she was a SCORE Girl. “Too voluptuous,” some said. “She belongs in Voluptuous magazine,” others said. Many were heated in their comments, claiming the fix was in for Ashley. A few readers vowed to never buy the magazine again. But the readers had spoken, and Ashley was the winner. She also won Voluptuous Model of the Year. You can guess where we stood with Ashley. We flew her all the way from the UK to St. Maarten for the on-location shoot where these photos and the video were shot, so we definitely thought she was something special. She joined Karina Hart (the girls got along great), and we consider it one of our most-spectacular pairings ever. In this poolside scene, Ashley models the skimpiest bikinis that could be found, swimsuits that cannot contain her incredible dimensions. “Guys are more interested in my tits than my bum,” Ashley informed us. “When I turned 15, my boobs started getting bigger. Then they got bigger and bigger and bigger. And that’s where I am now. I had to cover them up, hide them, when I was in school. I would get in trouble if I didn’t.” Ashley was mostly unaware of the controversy among SCORE Men, and I’m glad for that. I think a woman like Ashley should be appreciated and adored. You could say, in defense of her SCORE Newcomer of the Year crown, that it’s all about the tits. But Ashley has a beautiful face to go with those tits. And a curvy body. I think when you get right down to it, every SCORE Man–well, almost every SCORE Man–considers himself fortunate to have laid eyes on Ashley. As the editor of SCORE, I’m proud that she was one of our Newcomers of the Year. She deserved it.