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When you owe your life from somebody, you will definitely look at that person for the rest of your life. But for Shaira, she was not only grateful. She felt love, care and lust for the person who once saved her from drowning.

It was summer that time and during this season, you will see a lot of sexy girls at the beaches. One of them is Shaira. She was just enjoying the water when she suddenly felt that her legs were cramping. She cannot move until she drowned. She kept on fighting in few minutes until she lost her strength. Luckily, there were a group of boys who just arrived and one of them was Matt. He is student doctor. He immediately jumped in the water when he saw Shaira. He saved her. Shaira was very thankful and she cannot forget his face. Shaira invited the guy for a dinner to show her gratitude. Matt refused at first but Shaira insisted so at night, he went to her cottage and he saw a lot of food that Shaira prepares for him. They had a nice talk. The laugh and they were happy at that moment until their eyes met. When that happened, Shaira had a flashback of her near to death experience. She did not notice that her tears fell down. Matt immediately comforted her. In a glimpse, Matt's lips was touching hers. Shaira cannot understand why she felt that electricity and she kissed him back. They just had that incomparable intimate kiss until they both went naked. He caressed and kissed her body, her nipples and her most treasured virgin pussy. She is a virgin and she promised that she will only give up her virginity to someone who can give her that kind of spark. Yes, it was Matt she was looking for and she gave everything she had. They had the most intimate sex and Shaira was grateful that she had it with her knight and shining armor.