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Joey is a lady on her 30’s. She is working at home online as a customer support representative. She usually work on her bed, with her headset on so she can take a nap when it is not queuing. She will wake up if a call comes in. One night, she lied on her bed while waiting for a call. She looked at the ceiling and then she just started reminiscing about her moments with his ex-boyfriend when they are still together working abroad. It is their anniversary and she prepared a surprise for her love. She bought a chocolate ice cream and a box of sweet ice cream cones. Her boyfriend, finally arrived home. She kissed him. It was intimate. Then they eat their ice cream. She gave one cone to her boyfriend and used the scoop to put some ice cream on it. While the boyfriend is licking on the ice cream, Joey grabbed another cone and told him that she has a surprise for him. The boyfriend wondered for a moment and the next thing he is staring at is her girlfriend kneeling down on the floor sucking on the ice cream cone where she put his cock in. She is gently biting on the cone until it is all gone and she finally had the best part. Her boyfriend's big dick. She is sucking on it with all passion. She wanted that creamy flavor to come out. She will definitely lick it all by her heart.
Then the phone rang. Time to go back to work. Joey will grabbed some ice cream from the fridge after that call.

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This is my very first blog entry on XNXX. I usually watch and upload porn but today I wanted to post my story with the girl next door.

Her name is Rebecca and she is my biggest fantasy. I am a grown man and Rebecca just turned 18 this year. She always walks around with mini skirts and belly free tank tops, revealing her immaculately perfect white skin.

Her skin is too white that I am almost 100% positive that her pussy is pink. It has to be pink and so tight. I have never seen her with a boy or male school mate before so I am guessing she is still virgin and I am actually hoping she is, be cause that's how I picture her in my mind when I close my ass, virgin with extremely tight pink vagina waiting for a big cock (yes mine is big) to take away her virginity.

I am starting to get hard just writing this blog post. Damn , i am rubbing my cock right now guys... I need to search for a video of a blonde cute teen on to remind me of Rebecca and to masturbate to.

See you.

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When you owe your life from somebody, you will definitely look at that person for the rest of your life. But for Shaira, she was not only grateful. She felt love, care and lust for the person who once saved her from drowning.

It was summer that time and during this season, you will see a lot of sexy girls at the beaches. One of them is Shaira. She was just enjoying the water when she suddenly felt that her legs were cramping. She cannot move until she drowned. She kept on fighting in few minutes until she lost her strength. Luckily, there were a group of boys who just arrived and one of them was Matt. He is student doctor. He immediately jumped in the water when he saw Shaira. He saved her. Shaira was very thankful and she cannot forget his face. Shaira invited the guy for a dinner to show her gratitude. Matt refused at first but Shaira insisted so at night, he went to her cottage and he saw a lot of food that Shaira prepares for him. They had a nice talk. The laugh and they were happy at that moment until their eyes met. When that happened, Shaira had a flashback of her near to death experience. She did not notice that her tears fell down. Matt immediately comforted her. In a glimpse, Matt's lips was touching hers. Shaira cannot understand why she felt that electricity and she kissed him back. They just had that incomparable intimate kiss until they both went naked. He caressed and kissed her body, her nipples and her most treasured virgin pussy. She is a virgin and she promised that she will only give up her virginity to someone who can give her that kind of spark. Yes, it was Matt she was looking for and she gave everything she had. They had the most intimate sex and Shaira was grateful that she had it with her knight and shining armor.

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A third party usually occurs when a husband left to work abroad. The wife is being left alone taking care of the house and the children and this how it exactly happened to Carmen.

Carmen does not want her husband to leave but that is not a choice for them. There was no decent job for his husband in their own country that will suffies their need so he decided to go to another country to earn their living and give their children a good education. Carmen was so sad the day his husband left. She was crying.

After few more months, they were used to their set up. They will make video calls and talk at least two to three times a month but more often, Carmen feels that there is something missing. She is longing for her husband and most of all, she is longing to have sex with him.
Edward, their neighbor is feeling exactly the same. His wife left to work overseas and he is trying so hard not to be tempted. These two met. They decided to let go of their overflowing lust. In the seashore, one quiet night, they satisfied their cravings. They kissed and they fucked. Carmen imagined that she is sucking her husband's cock while Edward felt like licking his wife's pussy. The fucked hard and they planned to do it every day without love. Just mere sex until their love ones come back.

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I am a working woman. Every day, I have to ride a bus to go to work. I hate it most when there are lots of passengers and that sometimes I have to stand up.

One day, I had a night shift. I felt so lucky because there are only few passengers so there are lots of available seats. I decided to take the very back seat of the bus planning to have some nap during the ride. The back seat is empty so I was sure that I will be able to have a good nap sitting there. The bus started to move. I am having a good nap but I was suddenly awaken when the bus stopped to fetch another passenger. The passenger is a good looking tall man. There are no available seats in front so he decided to take the back seat too. I was seating next to the window and he sat on the other side near the opposite window.

I found it hard to take another nap after being awakened so I just decided to browse on my phone. I was interrupted when I saw with my peripheral vision what this man is doing. His cock is out. Yes, his cock was out and he was stroking it up and down. I felt nervous but I could not tell the driver because I am a bit ashamed so I just pretended that I was not seeing anything but the truth is, everything he was doing was so clear to me. No one will ever notice him except me because he is covered by the front seats. I could clearly see how big his dick is. Truly, this man is blessed with size and the head of his cock is well formed. His doctor must have done a very good job circumcising him. He stroked his cock up and down while his other hand was massaging his balls. As the moment went by, my nervousness faded away. I was entertained by what he was doing. My imagination started to work. I thought of sucking on his huge cock. I felt like wanting to give him a deep throat. How I thought of riding on his cock on that bus and make him cum. I imagined his cum spread all over my boobs.

After a few, I decided to snap out of that thought. This could not be. I could not go to work wet and horny. So I decided to press on the stop button. The bus stopped and I jumped out of it. I stood up at the side of the road and waited for another bus to fetch me and guess what was running on my mind while waiting---the exhibitionist.

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Can you remember the first moment you escaped from innocence and submitted yourself to a lustful world? You probably can. Almost all of us remember that very first time.
Let me share with you the story of Andy. Andy's eyes were opened to a world full of lust when she was sixteen. She is a sweet innocent girl back then and has no idea about kissing, fucking, sucking. Those sort of things. Until one day when she arrived from school, she saw their windows are closed but she can hear the voices of her two uncles. They seem to be watching TV but she wondered why they have to close all the windows. It is just so unusual. Out of curiosity, she slowly opened the window. Just a little bit. Her uncles did not notice. Then she looked at the television. She saw that scene were man is giving a naked lady a massage. The lady is leaning on the wall and the man put some oil on her boobs, massaged them and then sucked on them. Andy was not blinking. She then decided to knock on the door and her uncles immediately switch off the television as if nothing happened.

That night, Andy cannot sleep. Her mind is occupied of what she saw and she is wondering why the woman on the TV moaned when she is getting a massage and when her boobs are being sucked. Being troubled by that thought, Andy went to the shower room and took off her clothes. She is now all naked. She turned on the shower and grabbed some body soap. She rubbed her body with the soap so gently. Then put some on her boobs. She suddenly felt a different kind of sensation when her fingers touched her nipples. She thought that feeling was weird but she liked it. So she had her fingers round and round on her nipples once again. She the felt some sensation at her bottom. She stopped. Now she know why the woman on the TV moaned. She dried herself, put on her clothes and went to the living room and grabbed that DVD that her uncles were watching earlier. She brought it to her room and played it on her laptop. There she witnessed everything. She saw boobs being sucked, Pussy being licked fingered and fucked. And a lot more. And she wants to know how all of that really feels like. On her mind, only these words are playing---She will find a way.

And that is how Andy's eyes were opened. That is how she lost her innocence.

How about yours?

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My friend just witnessed an exciting scene. She worked as a clerk in an office somewhere in Middle East and she will always complain that life there is boring nothing exciting. People are not allowed to just have sex whenever they wanted. Until last night she called me. She was very cheerful when she told me the story of what she saw. She got bored and decided to look on the CCTV site (she is an IT in our country and she is really good at accessing files that she is not supposed to look at). She switched the CCTV monitor on the elevator camera and guess what, she saw an executive on his suit, with his pants pulled down a bit and his huge dick is being sucked by the receptionist. The receptionist stood up and faced wall. The executive pulled up her skirt, pulled down her sexy panties and fucked her pussy so hard. And while doing that, the man keeps on pressing the elevator close button. My friend said, she just got a life watching them fucked harder and harder. The man would like to cum before the elevator reach his destination. And he was successful. Then my naughty friend just paused from talking. The she told me, "My friend, you have to cheer for me. I will be next on that elevator."

I laughed out laughed and said, “Go! Go! Go!” She is real crazy.

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Some said it does. They said that if a dick is long and big, it will definitely reach your G-spot. Effortlessly. Also, it is easy to give a huge cock a hand job and when you suck it, your mouth will surely be satisfied. A big cock can make a woman choke and fucking a mouth and pussy is easier than ever.

However, there are people who believe that no matter what the size is, everything will still depends on performance. They said that a huge dick is useless when you don't fuck well. A man with a huge dick is useless when he cannot rock a woman's pussy.

But the thing is that, it will still depend on your preference. You maybe the type who likes a very good foreplay. Kissing on the lips, neck, licking on your pussy. You will not even care about the size if you will be wet just by a good foreplay. But if you are a type who is hungry for cock, then size will really matter to you.

Either it matters or not, we all want the same thing and that is to feel that pleasure from what we call sex.

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Will you ever betray your best friend for sex? I think that it is not worth having sex in exchange of your best friend’s trust.
I just heard a story about Miccah who just lost her childhood best friend because of big mistake. Miccah used to work in the city and because she does not have a place to stay, she decided to stay with her best friend’s apartment. Her best friend named Rina. The apartment is just small. It was just like a studio type so the sleep in the same room. Rina will sleep in between Miccah and her husband. One day, Rina has an emergency and has to go to her parent’s house so Miccah and her husband was left alone on that house. They were both bored so they decided to buy some beer and watch a movie. After drinking two bottles, Rina felt that the guy’s hand is touching her shoulder and she does not know why she did not stop him. Maybe she like the feeling. Then he looked at him and they kissed. They are not talking. They just did what their naked bodies wanted them to do and yes, they fucked harder and deeper. The guy just did everything that he is doing when he is having sex with his wife. He fucked Miccah so hard until he had his cum and Miccah gladly received all of it.
After that moment, Miccah is quiet. She cannot believe that she just did it. She does not even know how she will face Rina the next day she will come back.
I guess that is just how betrayal works if you do have your conscience.

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Age does not matter. People always say that and I guess it is true. It applies for both love and sex. Let me tell you about Frank. He is a 72-year old man. He is divorced and is living alone in his house. He has money. He saved enough for himself and as a 72-year old, he just want to spend his days having fun and pleasure. During the day, he will login on an online sexy girl’s cam. He will spend his dollars watching them. He will give tips as long as the model will do everything he wants. Then he was able to get a model to chat him privately. They talked every day and he will send money to that model monthly. They did video call and from there, the model will get naked. Frank is so horny every time he sees the model naked so he will go naked too and play with his cock in front of the camera. He will then dictate what he wants the model to do. Sometime he wants the model to dirty talk, tease her nipples play with her clit and then finger her pussy. He loves to see the model in different position while he is stroking his cock. He even sent two different kind of dildos to the woman and had her used these in front of the camera with him. And guess what, Frank can still manage to have a huge cumshot on his age.

It is true. It does not really matters.


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