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When it comes to sex, their dick and their performance are men's wealth. Without these, they might never get to satisfy any women. Most men love to see their sex partners feeling that pleasure when they do their foreplay and when they started fucking. They love to feel how women became so horny when they kissed them all over their body. They want to see that expression on woman's face everytime they will play with with their pussy. They are turned on when they see that women are so hungry to suck on their hard dick. They love to hear women begging for them to fuck harder and deeper and they want to prove that they can do any pleasurable position that a woman would like. They want to make sure that women they fuck will cum hard first before they finally explode.
These things can make men feel so much proud of their masculinity. In some way, being able to satisy a girl on bed lift their ego so high and of course, they feel so much pleasure from having such a very good performance and a very good fucking moment.