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I am a working woman. Every day, I have to ride a bus to go to work. I hate it most when there are lots of passengers and that sometimes I have to stand up.

One day, I had a night shift. I felt so lucky because there are only few passengers so there are lots of available seats. I decided to take the very back seat of the bus planning to have some nap during the ride. The back seat is empty so I was sure that I will be able to have a good nap sitting there. The bus started to move. I am having a good nap but I was suddenly awaken when the bus stopped to fetch another passenger. The passenger is a good looking tall man. There are no available seats in front so he decided to take the back seat too. I was seating next to the window and he sat on the other side near the opposite window.

I found it hard to take another nap after being awakened so I just decided to browse on my phone. I was interrupted when I saw with my peripheral vision what this man is doing. His cock is out. Yes, his cock was out and he was stroking it up and down. I felt nervous but I could not tell the driver because I am a bit ashamed so I just pretended that I was not seeing anything but the truth is, everything he was doing was so clear to me. No one will ever notice him except me because he is covered by the front seats. I could clearly see how big his dick is. Truly, this man is blessed with size and the head of his cock is well formed. His doctor must have done a very good job circumcising him. He stroked his cock up and down while his other hand was massaging his balls. As the moment went by, my nervousness faded away. I was entertained by what he was doing. My imagination started to work. I thought of sucking on his huge cock. I felt like wanting to give him a deep throat. How I thought of riding on his cock on that bus and make him cum. I imagined his cum spread all over my boobs.

After a few, I decided to snap out of that thought. This could not be. I could not go to work wet and horny. So I decided to press on the stop button. The bus stopped and I jumped out of it. I stood up at the side of the road and waited for another bus to fetch me and guess what was running on my mind while waiting---the exhibitionist.