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Some said it does. They said that if a dick is long and big, it will definitely reach your G-spot. Effortlessly. Also, it is easy to give a huge cock a hand job and when you suck it, your mouth will surely be satisfied. A big cock can make a woman choke and fucking a mouth and pussy is easier than ever.

However, there are people who believe that no matter what the size is, everything will still depends on performance. They said that a huge dick is useless when you don't fuck well. A man with a huge dick is useless when he cannot rock a woman's pussy.

But the thing is that, it will still depend on your preference. You maybe the type who likes a very good foreplay. Kissing on the lips, neck, licking on your pussy. You will not even care about the size if you will be wet just by a good foreplay. But if you are a type who is hungry for cock, then size will really matter to you.

Either it matters or not, we all want the same thing and that is to feel that pleasure from what we call sex.