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Can you remember the first moment you escaped from innocence and submitted yourself to a lustful world? You probably can. Almost all of us remember that very first time.
Let me share with you the story of Andy. Andy's eyes were opened to a world full of lust when she was sixteen. She is a sweet innocent girl back then and has no idea about kissing, fucking, sucking. Those sort of things. Until one day when she arrived from school, she saw their windows are closed but she can hear the voices of her two uncles. They seem to be watching TV but she wondered why they have to close all the windows. It is just so unusual. Out of curiosity, she slowly opened the window. Just a little bit. Her uncles did not notice. Then she looked at the television. She saw that scene were man is giving a naked lady a massage. The lady is leaning on the wall and the man put some oil on her boobs, massaged them and then sucked on them. Andy was not blinking. She then decided to knock on the door and her uncles immediately switch off the television as if nothing happened.

That night, Andy cannot sleep. Her mind is occupied of what she saw and she is wondering why the woman on the TV moaned when she is getting a massage and when her boobs are being sucked. Being troubled by that thought, Andy went to the shower room and took off her clothes. She is now all naked. She turned on the shower and grabbed some body soap. She rubbed her body with the soap so gently. Then put some on her boobs. She suddenly felt a different kind of sensation when her fingers touched her nipples. She thought that feeling was weird but she liked it. So she had her fingers round and round on her nipples once again. She the felt some sensation at her bottom. She stopped. Now she know why the woman on the TV moaned. She dried herself, put on her clothes and went to the living room and grabbed that DVD that her uncles were watching earlier. She brought it to her room and played it on her laptop. There she witnessed everything. She saw boobs being sucked, Pussy being licked fingered and fucked. And a lot more. And she wants to know how all of that really feels like. On her mind, only these words are playing---She will find a way.

And that is how Andy's eyes were opened. That is how she lost her innocence.

How about yours?