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My friend just witnessed an exciting scene. She worked as a clerk in an office somewhere in Middle East and she will always complain that life there is boring nothing exciting. People are not allowed to just have sex whenever they wanted. Until last night she called me. She was very cheerful when she told me the story of what she saw. She got bored and decided to look on the CCTV site (she is an IT in our country and she is really good at accessing files that she is not supposed to look at). She switched the CCTV monitor on the elevator camera and guess what, she saw an executive on his suit, with his pants pulled down a bit and his huge dick is being sucked by the receptionist. The receptionist stood up and faced wall. The executive pulled up her skirt, pulled down her sexy panties and fucked her pussy so hard. And while doing that, the man keeps on pressing the elevator close button. My friend said, she just got a life watching them fucked harder and harder. The man would like to cum before the elevator reach his destination. And he was successful. Then my naughty friend just paused from talking. The she told me, "My friend, you have to cheer for me. I will be next on that elevator."

I laughed out laughed and said, “Go! Go! Go!” She is real crazy.