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Joey is a lady on her 30’s. She is working at home online as a customer support representative. She usually work on her bed, with her headset on so she can take a nap when it is not queuing. She will wake up if a call comes in. One night, she lied on her bed while waiting for a call. She looked at the ceiling and then she just started reminiscing about her moments with his ex-boyfriend when they are still together working abroad. It is their anniversary and she prepared a surprise for her love. She bought a chocolate ice cream and a box of sweet ice cream cones. Her boyfriend, finally arrived home. She kissed him. It was intimate. Then they eat their ice cream. She gave one cone to her boyfriend and used the scoop to put some ice cream on it. While the boyfriend is licking on the ice cream, Joey grabbed another cone and told him that she has a surprise for him. The boyfriend wondered for a moment and the next thing he is staring at is her girlfriend kneeling down on the floor sucking on the ice cream cone where she put his cock in. She is gently biting on the cone until it is all gone and she finally had the best part. Her boyfriend's big dick. She is sucking on it with all passion. She wanted that creamy flavor to come out. She will definitely lick it all by her heart.
Then the phone rang. Time to go back to work. Joey will grabbed some ice cream from the fridge after that call.