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What happen when a couple had a divorced?
Most often, men can just easily find another woman to flirt with and have sex with. But for some women, it will take a long time before they can recover and it can make them crave for a lot of things.

See what just happened to Ana. She has been divorced for two years now and she has not been in a new relationship yet. She focused on her career and tried to be happy and satisfied with her single life. One day she was walking when she saw a couple on the road kissing torridly. They don't mind about the people walking by as they did a French kiss. Ana could not help but stare. Then she walked away and imagining that kind of kiss. When she arrived home, that is the only time that she realized that she is longing for something. She wants sex but she does not want to have any commitment. She just want a guy who she call anytime when she needs to fuck and she wants someone with a bigger cock that her ex-husband. She can imagine how she will suck that cock so deep to her throat and how that cock will pound her pussy so bad until she has her juices flowing. She missed her favorite doggy position and would love to do it again with an extra huge cock.

She craved for this things and she will not wait any longer. Tomorrow she will meet her suitor and check if his cock is what she is craving for.