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Will you ever betray your best friend for sex? I think that it is not worth having sex in exchange of your best friend’s trust.
I just heard a story about Miccah who just lost her childhood best friend because of big mistake. Miccah used to work in the city and because she does not have a place to stay, she decided to stay with her best friend’s apartment. Her best friend named Rina. The apartment is just small. It was just like a studio type so the sleep in the same room. Rina will sleep in between Miccah and her husband. One day, Rina has an emergency and has to go to her parent’s house so Miccah and her husband was left alone on that house. They were both bored so they decided to buy some beer and watch a movie. After drinking two bottles, Rina felt that the guy’s hand is touching her shoulder and she does not know why she did not stop him. Maybe she like the feeling. Then he looked at him and they kissed. They are not talking. They just did what their naked bodies wanted them to do and yes, they fucked harder and deeper. The guy just did everything that he is doing when he is having sex with his wife. He fucked Miccah so hard until he had his cum and Miccah gladly received all of it.
After that moment, Miccah is quiet. She cannot believe that she just did it. She does not even know how she will face Rina the next day she will come back.
I guess that is just how betrayal works if you do have your conscience.