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This is my very first blog entry on XNXX. I usually watch and upload porn but today I wanted to post my story with the girl next door.

Her name is Rebecca and she is my biggest fantasy. I am a grown man and Rebecca just turned 18 this year. She always walks around with mini skirts and belly free tank tops, revealing her immaculately perfect white skin.

Her skin is too white that I am almost 100% positive that her pussy is pink. It has to be pink and so tight. I have never seen her with a boy or male school mate before so I am guessing she is still virgin and I am actually hoping she is, be cause that's how I picture her in my mind when I close my ass, virgin with extremely tight pink vagina waiting for a big cock (yes mine is big) to take away her virginity.

I am starting to get hard just writing this blog post. Damn , i am rubbing my cock right now guys... I need to search for a video of a blonde cute teen on xnxx.video to remind me of Rebecca and to masturbate to.

See you.